Modern home designs

Jelovica concepts and solutions

We spend a great deal of time at home; the comfort of our new house is thus vital for our wellbeing. All Jelovica structures consist of top-quality materials, as confirmed by domestic and foreign institutions. The materials are renewable and people-friendly, the most important among them being wood.

Structural solutions

The optimum wooden structure Jelovica offers excellent thermal, acoustic, fire and earthquake protection. Wood provides optimum living comfort, as it regulates humidity in the room. It is soft to touch and gives us a feeling of comfort at low temperatures; in brick houses, such comfort can only be provided at higher temperatures.


Energy solutions

Air-tightness of the house envelope prevents heat loss and creates the necessary conditions for the operation of the heat recovery ventilation system. Due to the quality assembly of Jelovica houses, airtightness is already ensured during the production process. The houses thus boast minimum air leakage.


Innovative solutions

Due to structural airtightness and better insulation materials, low-energy houses require a sufficient amount of air to be provided by means of forced ventilation. The optimum solution is a heat recovery ventilation system. Such a system ensures a constant supply of fresh air, optimum microclimate and energy efficiency.


Eco-friendly solutions

One of the main advantages of Jelovica houses is the large content of wood in the structures. Wood is healthy, as it emits no harmful substances and causes no allergies. It regulates air humidity in rooms and has a pleasant smell.


Construction quality test

The airtightness of houses is examined with the so called Blower door test, which helps us determine the points of leakage in the structure. The test is highly recommendable to be carried out prior to the application of floor and wall coverings, as this allows for any potential leaks to be sealed with relatively low costs.

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