RAL Quality Mark

In addition to the CE mark, characterized by European standards, Jelovica Houses Company also maintains the RAL mark, which is especially important for selling products on German and Swiss markets. The RAL quality mark has been granted to the company every year for more than 20 years. It is granted according to the production control by OTTO GRAF Institute in Stuttgart (twice per year).

The RAL quality mark is part of the German Manufacturers of Prefabricated Houses Association. The organisation is based on the DIN 1052 standard. The mark is a sign of quality for producers of wall, ceiling and roof elements. Our own as well as an outside, independent monitoring is conducted on the quality of built-in materials, which must be certified. Materials and their installation are both controlled. We only install certified wood with controlled moisture.

Required wood moisture in accordance with the standard is equal to 15 ± 3%, as wood with moisture content below 20% and installed in dry area is resistant to fungi and insects. In this case, the activity of wood is lower as well.

ISO 9001 Quality Manual

The Jelovica Houses Company has confirmed its operation according to the ISO Quality Manual. This means that quality policy presents the essential part of its business policy and defines the responsibility of the company’s management and all its business functions for individual processes or activities. It must be implemented by all employees in order to achieve company’s best performance.

Basic principles of quality policy are:

  • Recognition of the company by its quality products and services
  • Adequacy for legislation requirements
  • Obligation and commitment of the management to meet the requirements and constant improvement of the quality management of system performance
  • Environment-friendly attitude with regard to environmentally friendly technologies, technological procedures, materials and energy for ensuring their rational use
  • Developing quality internal relations of employees and the establishment of an encouraging and innovative working environment

Quality aims are determined on the basis of the adopted quality policy, general goals, quality requirements on the market and according to possibilities for improvement, regarding the achieved quality level in the previous year or period. They are presented in the business plan for the current year.

CE Certificate

Jelovica Houses Company obtained the EC Certificate of Conformity and labels its products, energy efficient houses and other large objects made of wood with the CE mark. The company thus retains responsibility for the product, labelled with the CE mark, to be in accordance with current European legislation.

The CE mark is short for French "Conformité Européenne” (European Conformity). The mark has existed for fifteen years, but many do not know the real meaning of it, as they think it merely means the products with the CE mark are produced in Europe. The CE mark on the product or its package informs us that the product, produced in Europe or any other country outside, meets the EU requirements regarding the safety of use, health and environmental protection and other requirements by European standards or technical approvals.

In February, Jelovica Houses d.o.o. signed the Declaration of conformity with which they state that their houses comply with the Directive 89/106/EEC for construction products and the European Technical Approval ETA-10/0310, and that they are designed for residential use, business or production activities, public facilities (kindergartens, schools, hotels, shops...) or as warehouses.

EC – the conformity certificate was granted to Jelovica Houses as the first Slovenian producer of prefabricated houses by the Slovenian Institute for Civil Engineering (ZAG) under the number 1404 - CPD – 1654.

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